Tjekkiets statsanklager overvejer at forbyder landets sammenslutning af muslimske foreninger

Tjekkiets statsanklager antyder muligheden for at ulovliggøre landets sammenslutning af muslimske foreninger: "An atheist association in the Czech Republic (OSACR) filed a legal complaint against the formal head of Czech Muslims – Muneeb Hassan Alrawi. The complaint centres on his potential illegal conduct in a sermon where he calls on Muslims to teach their children to hate 'kufr' ... Mr. Alrawi is chairman of the 'Center of Muslim Communities' in the Czech Republic (UMO) making him formally the highest representative of Muslims in the country. ... what makes this case perhaps unique is the response of the state attorney J. Petrásek. He stated in the newspaper Rovnost that the case is 'interesting and unique, and if accepted it would probably be classified as a threat to the moral education of youth and Mr. Alrawi would be immediately prosecuted'. Furthermore Mr. Petrasek said that 'to outlaw the entire Islamic association is bold, but not unrealistic' which sounds reasonable in light of Mr. Alrawi’s response that he had read a translated sermon and that the content of his teaching is an integral part of Islam." Læs artikel

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