UK cuts in detail - Når briterne kan, hvorfor kan DK så ikke?

Kunne være en interessant øvelse for danske politikere at være en smule ambitiøse

Claus C. Møller,


Kunne være en interessant øvelse for danske politikere at være en smule ambitiøse.

Lige nu går man efter at nedbringe gældsætningen til MINUS 3% af BNP på 3 år - fra i alt ca. 5,1% - altså en reducering på 2% - VI TALER 2% og befolkningen er ved at gå i koma - sammen med politikerne forstås.

Hvad med om man i stedet gik efter et rundt 0 på 3 år - og et plus 3% på 6 år - og øvelsen udelukkende handlede om besparelser i den offentlige sektor.

Det er naturligvis tilladt at lave endnu større besparlser så man samtidigt kunne være offensiv med sænkelse af personskatterne som prioritering nummer 1.

Spending Review 2010: what it will mean for key departments A department-by-department look at what has been cut in the Government's Comprehensive Spending Review. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Innovation and Skills | Full overview

Annual budget: Annual savings of 7.1 per cent from a £21.2bn budget

Facing the axe: Virtually all Government funding for universities will be scrapped, with students providing the main source of money with higher fees. Funding for science will also be reduced.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and Local Government | Full overview

Annual budget: Annual cut of 7.1 per cent in £33.6bn budget.

Facing the axe: New council house tenants face a steep hike in living costs, although more affordable homes will be built.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- of Defence | Full overview

Annual budget: The MoD's budget has been cut £4 billion to £33.5 billion

Facing the axe: The Armed Forces will lose 7,000 soldiers, 5,000 sailors, 5,000 airmen, while MoD civilian employee numbers will be trimmed by 25,000.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ for Education and Skills | Full overview

Annual budget: The Department of Education is being asked for savings of just one per cent from its £57.6 billion budget over the four years of the spending review.

Facing the axe: The Education Maintenance Allowance – giving teenagers £30 a week to remain in college beyond the age of 16 – will be scrapped in favour of more “targeted support” - but the schools budget is actually being increased from £35billion to £39bn a year.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- for Energy & Climate Change | Full overview

Annual budget: Overall funding for the Department for Energy and Climate Change will fall by an average five per cent a year from a £3.1bn annual budget.

Facing the axe: Funding for households to install solar panels and improve energy efficiency have been slashed and conservation will miss out.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- of Health | Full overview

Annual budget: The Health Department is the only major area of Whitehall spending in which there will be a rise in real terms. It has an annual budget of £106.4bn

Facing the axe: Some hospitals are likely to close or merge and management costs will be halved. About 30 health quangos will be abolished.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Office | Full overview

Annual budget: The Home Office's budget will fall by six per cent a year from £10.2 billion this year to £8.3 billion in 2014-15 .

Facing the axe: Police funding will be cut by a fifth in real terms. A review of police pay and benefits is expected to cut overtime and bonuses and several forces are likely to merge.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Development | Full overview

Annual budget:The £7.3m budget of the Department for International Development has been protected after the Coalition agreed to raise overseas aid

Facing the axe: Department running costs will be cut by a third and aid to China and Russia will be cut to zero.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- of Justice | Full overview

Annual budget: The Ministry of Justice has an annual budget of £8.9 billion and will have to find savings of £1.6 billion over the next four years as it is hit with cuts of 23 per cent.

Facing the axe: Up to 15,000 jobs across the Ministry of Justice, including prisons and probation, are to go, up to 157 courts could close and access to legal aid will be cut back.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- for Transport | Full overview

Annual budget: The Department for Transport will have an annual budget of £13.6bn - down from £15.9bn

Facing the axe: The cost of rail travel will rise sharply, and Crossrail and Thameslink budgets could be cut, although both projects will go ahead.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and Pensions | Full overview

Annual budget (welfare): £195 billion

Facing the axe: The pension age for men and women will reach 66 by 2020, four years earlier than previously announced, saving more than £5bn a year.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BBC

 television licence fee will be frozen at £145.50 until 2017, as part of a move to cut the Corporation's budget by 16 per cent in real terms.

It will have to absorb the cost of running various operations currently paid for by taxpayers, including the World Service (£230m) and S4C, the Welsh language channel, (£80m).