The State Is the 1 Percent | Mises Daily

Den levende legende Llewellyn H

Nicklas Augustine,


Den levende legende Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr. skriver om den virkelige fjende og parasit som Occupy grupperne burde vende vreden mod.

""...there is another 1 percent out there, those who do live parasitically off the population and exploit the 99 percent. Moreover, there is a long intellectual tradition, dating back to the late Middle Ages, that draws attention to the strange reality that a tiny minority lives off the productive labor of the overwhelming majority.

I'm speaking of the state, which even today is made up of a tiny sliver of the population but is the direct cause of all the impoverishing wars, inflation, taxes, regimentation, and social conflict. This 1 percent is the direct cause of the violence, the censorship, the unemployment, and vast amounts of poverty, too.""