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Robert P

Nicklas Augustine,


Robert P. Murphy viser på glimrende og underholdende vis, hvorfor Keynesianske modeller er utilstrækkelige, hvad angår forståelse af bl.a. arbejdsløshed under recessioner. Robert P. Murphy udfordrer Keynesianere med et absurd tankeeksperiment, hvor drilske gnomer natten over omordner alle kapitalgoder og uddannet arbejdskraft. Fin beskrivelse af nogle af fordelene ved østrigsk økonomisk teori.


"To illustrate what's wrong with the typical Keynesian view of the economy, in the debate I told the spectators to imagine that one night, mischievous gnomes decided to rearrange all of the capital goods and skilled laborers in the country. The next morning, brain surgeons who were supposed to report to a hospital in Albuquerque would wake up in Miami. Factory owners in Trenton would open their doors and see that their assembly lines were gone, replaced by defecating cows. Farmers in Iowa, for their part, would be baffled to see drill presses and computer servers sitting in their empty fields."