Østrigsk indvandrermagasin: Hitler var tydeligvis muslim

This is from "Biber" a Viennese magazine written by and for immigrants, which describes itself as "the first transcultural magazine for new Austria...

Nicolai Sennels,


This is from "Biber" a Viennese magazine written by and for immigrants, which describes itself as "the first transcultural magazine for new Austrians". The editors seem somewhat embarrassed by the enormous popularity of Hitler among the Muslim colonist population in Austria. Have you read “Mein Kampf”? I have! Have you read the Koran? I have! If you look at both of them, it’s clear that Hitler was a Muslim. He examined Islam, he had the same ideas about society, struggle (“Kampf”) and family as Muslims. Hitler was one of us,” says Tarik S. The 20-year-old Turk is a Hitler fan and Jew hater. For him it is clear that Adolf Hitler was a Muslim. “What do you think, why didn’t Hitler do anything to a single Muslim? Because he loved Muslims, he wanted to be one of them, and thought it was a shame that he was born a Christian and so he converted later to Islam,” agrees Tarik’s Bosnian friend Mirza. What they are chatting about in a Bosnian café [in Vienna] and what has been spread about for years by Muslim firebrands, is also a big hit on the internet. Internet hatred In many internet forums there is major discussion of Hitler’s Muslim side. User “abu hazim” says this about it “[...] That’s the beginning of the end for Jews, crusaders and polytheists, the guilt is yours, you wanted war, now he’s making war on you. With Allah’s help we will triumph over the unbelievers. Hitler was a Muslim who secretly prayed to Allah and slaughtered the Jewish swine […]“ Suad knows internet forums like this. He participates in discussions there regularly: “Recently I expressed my opinion about the Jews under an Israel Youtube video. But my comments were blocked. I’m sure Hitler was a Muslim. He always fasted during Ramadan in an exemplary fashion and only said good things about Islam.” User Oguzhan Branx sees Hitler as an example: “ADOLF HITLER THE MAN DID EVERYTHING RIGHT THE ONLY THING WRONG WAS THAT A FEW FUCKING JEWS SURVIVED!!!! HITLER″ The Twelfth Imam But how do people arrive at the absurd idea that Hitler was a Muslim? In his book, “Hitler’s Muslims” the historian Volker Kopp dealt in more detail with Hitler’s relationship with Islam. He reveals that at the time of National Socialism, the German embassy in Tehran disseminated the belief that Hitler was the saviour of Muslims prophesied by the Koran – the Twelfth Imam. In an embassy paper it says: “We must make clear to the Muslims that the Twelfth Imam has been sent into the world by God in the form of Adolf Hitler.” By disseminating this erroneous belief, the Nazis misused Muslims for their own purposes and succeeded so well that even today there are still a few of them on their side.” Bestseller In Syria Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” is available from every bookseller. In Turkey “Mein Kampf” was number three on the bestseller list until 2005. Hitler is used in a Turkish shampoo advertisement; he is considered the embodiment of manliness – it’s no wonder that some Muslims have been infected by the propaganda. “Look more closely and you’ll see that Hitler could only have been one of us,” says Tarik with conviction. “Alhamdulillah” (“Thanks be to God”), agree his friends.