Varmt krudt og kolde hjerter i zionismens tjeneste

En særlig giftig personage i den højrenationale del af det danske internet- og bloglandskab er Ulla Nørtoft Thomsen

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En særlig giftig personage i den højrenationale del af det danske internet- og bloglandskab er Ulla Nørtoft Thomsen. Som akademisk uddannet og velformuleret formår hun at forlene skinbarligt vås, som hun har søbet op i sagkundskabens rendestene, med en aura af noget intellektuelt og troværdigt. Ifølge eget udsagn er hun praktisk talt blank på historie, men skulle det forhindre hende i at udtale sig bombastisk og kategorisk?

Seneste eksempel er en dugfrisk anmeldelse på Ullas blog af en såkaldt bog. Bogen er skrevet af Ramon Bennett og bærer titlen Philistine - the Great Deception. Titlen synes at være udtryk for selverkendelse hos forfatteren, for noget at gøre med konflikten mellem israelere og palæstinensere har den ikke.

Det er selvfølgelig bolden der er det vigtigste objekt i spillet, men lad os alligevel begynde med at skyde forfatteren Ramon Bennett ned. Ulla Nørtoft Thomsen mener om bogen at den er "... en guldgrube af detaljerede oplysninger, der kan opveje lidt af den propadanda, der er sunket ind i vestlige sjæle. Bogen er på 320 sider, hvoraf 60 sider er noter. Den er skrevet i vrede, og den er selektiv, men den er ikke fuld af løgn."

Hvordan vurderer man umiddelbart værdien af en bog og troværdigheden af en forfatter? Man søger naturligvis på Google efter om forfatteren eller bogen er omtalt, kritiseret eller hyldet af forfattere man i forvejen har tiltro til. Så det gjorde jeg selvfølgelig, og ikke én troværdig akademisk eller anden kilde dukker op. Det nærmeste vi kommer er en zionist-venlig, men dog ret kritisk anmeldelse på den kristne side, Udfordringen.

Samme, blot moderat kritiske tilgang finder vi overhovedet ikke hos Ulla Nørtoft, der optræder som nr. fem i Google-søgningen. I sig selv er det overraskende at to inferiøre danske sider optræder så højt i en Google-søgning på en engelsk-sproget forfatter der 'ikke er fuld af løgn' og hvis bog er en 'guldgrube af detaljerede oplysninger'.

Men hvem er denne forfatter da, hvis bog ingen har gidet anmelde på Amazon, og som stort set ikke er kritiseret, hyldet eller omtalt af andre end Ulla Nørtoft Thomsen og Udfordringen?
Ramon Bennett er leder af organisationen Arm of Salvation, som er et jødisk-kristent missionsforetagende baseret i Israel. Hans livshistorie frem til i dag:

In New Zealand Ramon met a true believing man who showed him the reality of the risen Messiah. He struggled with the deep surrender required for a totally committed life until June 1965. During August of 1967, while alone and in prayer, Ramon was powerfully anointed with the Holy Spirit. Shortly after that he began leading a team of evangelists in Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, and also began accepting preaching invitations from local churches. Early in 1980 Ramon received a request for his help in Israel and, in response to that call, arrived there in 1980, on May 14, the thirty-second anniversary of the founding of the modern state.

Ramon Bennett er en religiøs fruitcake, som har gjort det til sit raison d'etre at omvende jøder til Jesus, bekæmpe islam, bakke Israel op i et og alt og advare mod den evigt og altid belejligt forekommende vækst i antisemitisme og anti-israelske følelser. Bedes, det skal der, siger Ramon Bennett:

" *Continue to pray against PALESTINIAN TERROR and the Hamas’s build-up of weapons and explosives in Gaza. Pray against Palestinian terrorists being able to carry out their plans of death and destruction in Israel. Pray against Palestinian Qassam and Grad missile and mortar attacks against Israeli cities and towns. Pray the international community will now move to prevent Hamas from rearming following Israel’s Operation Cast Lead.
* Pray for the entire ISRAELI GOVERNMENT to be replaced by another that is uncorrupted, moral, strong, decisive, patriotic, not given to “political correctness,” not given to pleasing the White House, the EU or the UN at Israel’s expense, and not given to a policy of “restraint” in the face of continuing terrorism. Pray that following GENERAL ELECTIONS the new government will meet the above qualities. Pray also that the new government will discontinue making lop-sided, dangerous PRISONER EXCHANGES.
* Pray for INTELLIGENT, forceful and diplomatic ACTION by Israel to clearly speak out against the world’s anti-Israel bias, particularly from the media, Britain and the EU. Pray, too, that Israel will establish an EFFECTIVE PUBLIC RELATIONS campaign showing the morality of the IDF and the cowardice of Palestinian and Hizb’allah terrorists who fight from behind women and children and store their weapons in civilian apartment complexes.
* Pray for a global Israeli SATELLITE TELEVISION NEWS CHANNEL to be inaugurated. Israel is one of the few developed countries not to have its own satellite television news channel. Israel urgently needs an effective voice to counteract the BBC, Al-Manar, Al-Jazeera, etc.
* Pray against the rising tide of global ANTI-ISRAEL sentiment and the upsurge in ANTI-SEMITISM. Pray for the protection of the millions of Jews still living in the exile outside of Israel. Pray the furor over Operation Cast Lead will die away soon.
* Pray for the IDF soldiers and officers who will face charges of WAR CRIMES brought against them by various anti-Israel groups, NGOs and the UN. Pray for wise and effective legal teams to deliver them from unjust, unwarranted legal proceedings.
* Pray for PALESTINIANS who help Israel. Pray the God of Israel will hide them in the shadow of His wings. Scores have been tortured, maimed or executed by both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA).
* Pray that Israel’s Defense Forces will successfully remove the threat of Iran’s NUCLEAR WEAPONS PROGRAM, through military strikes if necessary.
* Continue to pray that the Western world will awake to the very real, dangerous and expanding threat of the ISLAMIC INVASION of its countries and cultures by Muslim immigrants. Britain alone is forecast to be 50% Islamic by the year 2050.
* Pray for the MUSLIM WORLD. Pray that God would open its eyes to the demonic nature of Islam, and reveal His salvation through Yeshua (Jesus).
* Pray for US President BARACK OBAMA. Pray he will be a good and upright president. Pray also for US Secretary of State HILLARY CLINTON. Pray that neither will pressure Israel into agreements that are detrimental to the nation’s security. Pray they will not force their own private agendas upon Israel or that which only serves US political interests. Pray that America will truly be a CHRISTIAN NATION.
* Pray for divine protection over ISRAELI SOLDIERS as they fight in the battle against Palestinian and Hizb’allah terrorism. Pray that every soldier will have divine wisdom and protection, and also act morally against the enemy at all times.
* Pray for Israel’s SALVATION. Her current situation is entirely due to her continuing sins, primarily the rejection of Yeshua (Jesus), the King and Shepherd Of Israel.
* Pray for a HEDGE OF PROTECTION around Israel. Pray against Iran’s arming and training of Hamas and Hizb’allah terrorists. Pray against Syria’s arming and patronage of Hizb’allah also. Pray, too, against the growing Syrian military threat and the modernizing of the Syrian military by Russia. Pray against Egypt’s military buildup, Mubarak is pouring billions of dollars into a million-man army while the nation wallows in poverty. Pray that the IDF will be ready for every eventuality on every front.
* Pray for an increase in the number of INTERCESSORS who will commit themselves to praying for Ramon and Zipporah Bennett. The Bennetts are battling for Israel, Jerusalem and the Jewish people. They require 24/7/365 prayer.
* Pray about becoming a regular FINANCIAL SUPPORTER of Arm of Salvation. AOS is an indigenous, independent Israeli ministry. Finances come only from its book and music sales, and love gifts from supporters. In a battle there are only two critical lines; the front line and the supply line. Those that bless Israel will be blessed (Genesis 12:3), and those that refresh others will themselves be refreshed (Proverbs 11:25). Arm of Salvation needs your prayer and financial support.
* Pray for DIRECTION for the Bennetts. Age creates a changing world. The Bennetts desire to have the greatest effect possible for Israel and the Church of the twice-born that their age and giftings will allow.
* Continue to pray for Ramon Bennett’s PROTECTION. The uncompromising stand he takes on political, religious and moral issues has made him many enemies.
* Continue to pray for the victims of the GAZA RETREAT. The evicted people have paid a heavy price for the ideology that was once encouraged and funded by successive Israeli governments and backed by the nation. Three years after being evicted only a few families have permanent housing and many housing projects promised have still not yet been started. Only eight percent of the evicted are currently having permanent homes built. Almost half of the evicted breadwinners still have no employment and many cannot receive government assistance due to having been self-employed in Gaza. Compensation received has all but been eaten up with rent and day-to-day expenses. Many children are doing poorly in school due to post trauma syndrome. The government has shown gross insensitivity to the plight of the evicted families. Pray things will change with a new government.
* Continue to pray for John Hellewell. Pray that the miracle he has been believing for will be fully manifested. Pray that his damaged nerves would totally regenerate. John continues to make progress, but the pace is slow. John is now able to stand up on his own and catch objects with either hand. Pray for John to be able to walk again! He has real fortitude and is determined to overcome. He needs the miracle.
* Continue to pray for Ramon Bennett’s knees. Pray they will heal perfectly and give him no further problems"

Den sidste bøn lader vi stå et øjeblik.... og går fra den religiøse fruitcake Ramon Bennett, til den højrenationale fruitcake Ulla Nørtoft Thomsen. Hun skriver:

"Skulle det være en lille modgift mod al den antiisraelske propaganda, som du og dine mentorer artigt har slugt fra 70´erne og frem? Så skal du læse Ramon Bennetts "Det store bedrag - myten om det palæstinensiske folk".
Det værste, man har budt skolesystemet, er at man har bortraderet værdien af faktuel historisk viden. Når så de sorte konservative lufter en viden, som vi andre aldrig har anet eksistensen af, så tror vi, de er gale."

Ja, det gør vi. Vi tror de er gale, skruppelløse og uden viden om emnerne de udtaler sig om. Ulla Nørtoft Thomsen formår som få at fremstille sig selv som kompetent inden for områder, hvor hun reelt er dybt inkompetent. Deraf hendes giftighed: hun har nemt ved at forføre intellektuelt svagere befæstede individer med 'viden' som Ulla Nørtoft TROR er rigtig:

"Men faktisk var der jo det ved det - og det er den slags, man kan læse i Bennetts bog - at Jordan blev oprettet i 1922, da "Storbritanien ville beskytte sin olieforsyning i Mosul, Kirkuk og andre dele af den muslimske verden og skar 77 procent af palæstina fra, som de gav til Abdullah af Mekka, der var fornærmet, fordi hans yngre bror Feisal havde fået Irak. Disse 77 procent var og er en palæstinensisk stat, og araberne er godt klar over denne kendsgerning - både dengang og i dag. Abdullah ville oprindelig kalde sine 77 procent af Palæstina for "Det hashemitiske kongerige Palæstina", men gav senere efter for britisk modstand og kaldte det Transjordanien" (s.125)."

Palæstina har været Palæstina siden de første filistre etablerede stater i området mellem Middelhavet og Jordan-floden. Det var en historisk absolut undtagelse at briterne inkluderede Jordan (eller Transjordan) i sit palæstinensiske mandatområde:

"The boundaries of the area and the ethnic nature of the people referred to by Herodotus in the 5th century BCE as Palaestina vary according to context. Sometimes, he uses it to refer to the coast north of Mount Carmel. Elsewhere, distinguishing the Syrians in Palestine from the Phoenicians, he refers to their land as extending down all the coast from Phoenicia to Egypt.[27] Josephus used the name Παλαιστινη only for the smaller coastal area, Philistia.[28] Pliny, writing in Latin in the 1st century CE, describes a region of Syria that was "formerly called Palaestina" among the areas of the Eastern Mediterranean.[29]

Since the Byzantine Period, the Byzantine borders of Palaestina (I and II, also known as Palaestina Prima, "First Palestine", and Palaestina Secunda, "Second Palestine"), have served as a name for the geographic area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. Under Arab rule, Filastin (or Jund Filastin) was used administratively to refer to what was under the Byzantines Palaestina Secunda (comprising Judaea and Samaria), while Palaestina Prima (comprising the Galilee region) was renamed Urdunn ("Jordan" or Jund al-Urdunn).[3]"

Men i grunden er det mindre interessant hvad vi kalder Palæstina, kernen i sagen er at der lever mennesker - helt rigtige mennesker, ikke bare '"palæstinensiske frihedskæmpere', som Ulla Nørtoft reducerer dem til - i området. Rigtige mennesker der bor i rigtige huse, i rigtige landsbyer og byer, som dyrker deres rigtige marker og passer deres rigtige butikker, føder rigtige børn og bekymrer sig om deres dagligdag og deres rigtige familier og rigtige venner.

Disse helt almindelige, rigtige mennesker vil Ulla Nørtoft og Ramon Bennett SKRIVE UD AF PALÆSTINAS HISTORIE, HVOREFTER DE VIL SKRIVE PALÆSTINA UD AF VERDENSHISTORIEN.

Ikke nok med at Israels zionister allerede har fordrevet mindst en million palæstinensere, nu skal resten af 'frihedskæmperne' også deporteres.

Os som ikke omgås andre menneskers liv og tilværelse med lisså stor kynisme, følelseskulde og skruppelløshed som Ulla Nørtoft Thomsen og Ramon Bennett, og som foretrækker at vide noget om de emner vi udtaler os om - især hvis de kan have alvorlige politiske konsekvenser- vi ved ikke om vi skal le eller græde ved at bevidne dette eksempel på løgnagtig propagandistisk historieforfalskning i israelsk nationalismes tjeneste.

Så dum og tyk er forfalskningen at elever i folkeskolens 6. klasse kan gennemskue den, og derfor er den også så nem at knuse. Men der findes desværre vrede mennesker og magtfulde kræfter som har brug for den slags ondsindede propagandaløgne til at skabe had, og Ulla Nørtoft er altid klar til at støbe kuglerne.

I nogle lande er det forbundet med straf at benægte holocaust. Skal vi indføre samme ordning for mennesker som benægter Naqba og nægter det palæstinensiske folk en historie?