Men, women flip the script in gender expectation

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It looks like -- newly wed to OKCupid -- is celebrating its honeymoon with the release of a massive survey on the state of singlehood in America, and the results are fittingly romantic: Men want commitment and children. But here's the surprising part: At certain ages, they are actually more likely than women -- those creatures said to have itchy ring fingers and ticking ovaries -- to want these symbols of domestic bliss.

Now, overall, men and women are equally predisposed to marriage. But when you look at singles in their 20s and early 30s, and then in middle age and beyond, guys express more interest in tying the knot. Perhaps most surprising of all: Between the ages of 21 and 34, men are more likely than women to want kids (51 percent versus 46 percent). Adding to this picture of shifting gender roles is the fact that 77 percent of women, compared to 58 percent of men, say independence in their relationship is "very important."