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Frankrig er og bliver Europas mest erhvervsfjendske land

Claus Andersen,


Frankrig er og bliver Europas mest erhvervsfjendske land... men hvorfor?

Fra artiklen "It ain't necessarily so" i The Economist (13/10):

In avowedly secular France evolution causes no problems. But economics does.
For years the French seemed quite blasé about economics textbooks that were filled with unreconstructed Marxism. Peter Gumbel, a British journalist and academic who has studied the French educational system, says such books sat happily with the idea that rampant economic liberalism was responsible for France’s weakness in the run-up to the second world war. French textbooks today are rather subtler, but still not much in favour of the capitalist way of doing things.

As president, Nicolas Sarkozy made a stab at reforming economics teaching. In 2008 there was an official “audit” of the economics textbooks, particularly focused on the way markets and enterprise were portrayed. But a committee set up to discuss improving the teaching of economics and business to French schoolchildren was disbanded after a few years. A new study of 400 pages of high-school economics textbooks, by the Institute of Economic and Fiscal Research, reveals that only a dozen are devoted to companies, and none to entrepreneurs.

Og hold så dette oppe imod Globe Scans undersøgelse fra 2010, hvor folk blev bedt om at forholde sig til udsagnet: "The free market system and free market economy is the best system on which to base the future of the world." Eller redigeret til The Economist.

Og hvordan det så ud 2007.