Leo DiCaprio called me!

I was excited

Ikke angivet Ikke angivet,


I was excited. Sure, it was a recording but it was really him! He was plugging some candidate. But still. Leo DiCaprio! I was supporting the other guy but now that I know that Leo DiCaprio, an Oscar nominee for Godsakes, is supporting his opponent I have to switch my vote. How can I not? You saw Leo in INCEPTION. He’s really SMART! Plus, who studies the issues more diligently than Hollywood actors?

Later I got a call from the great Martin Sheen! Wow! He also had a candidate recommendation for me. And remember, Martin Sheen was the president once. You saw WEST WING. He was such a knowledgeable and compassionate leader. I could study the candidates myself, read their positions, watch their debates, analyze their records but I’m just a layman. Martin Sheen is an actor. And not just an actor. A father. One just has to look at how well his sons turned out to be supremely impressed.


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