Klimagate opdatering

  Klimagate filerne var åbenlyst  forberedt til en FOIA (freedom of information act) og derefter leakede indefra

Ikke angivet Ikke angivet,


  Klimagate filerne var åbenlyst  forberedt til en FOIA (freedom of information act)
og derefter leakede indefra. De var altså ikke stjålne. 
De er fyldt med programmerings filer der er meget mere kompromiterende end emailene.

De er præget af dårlig skrevet kode og en attitude om "hvad pokker, lad os bare lave vores egne passende tal".

Men det er heller ikke noget der er interessant for de statsaflønnede lemminger der styrer en del af  vores nyhedsstrøm - men ikke 180 grader mm. hehehehe..

Brrrr… Scientists Issue New Warning of Imminent Food & Ethanol Shortages Due to Global Cooling
By Jim Hoft

The leading independent research organization in the US on the subject of climate change issued a warning this week of imminent food and ethanol shortages due to global cooling.
The Space and Science Research Center reported:

>>> The Space and Science Research Center (SSRC), the leading independent research organization in the United States on the subject of the next climate change, issues today the following warning of imminent crop damage expected to produce food and ethanol shortages for the US and Canada:

Over the next 30 months, global temperatures are expected to make another dramatic drop even greater than that seen during the 2007-2008 period. As the Earth's current El Nino dissipates, the planet will return to the long term temperature decline brought on by the Sun's historic reduction in output, the on-going "solar hibernation." In follow-up to the specific global temperature forecast posted in SSRC Press Release 4-2009, the SSRC advises that in order to return to the long term decline slope from the current El Nino induced high temperatures, a significant global cold weather re-direction must occur. According to SSRC Director John Casey, "The Earth typically makes adjustments in major temperature spikes within two to three years. In this case as we cool down from El Nino, we are dealing with the combined effects of this planetary thermodynamic normalization and the influence of the more powerful underlying global temperature downturn brought on by the solar hibernation. Both forces will present the first opportunity since the period of Sun-caused global warming period ended to witness obvious harmful agricultural impacts of the new cold climate. Analysis shows that food and crop derived fuel will for the first time, become threatened in the next two and a half years. Though the SSRC does not get involved with short term weather prediction, it would not be unusual to see these ill-effects this year much less within the next 30 months."

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By Jim Hoft