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Misundelse er en grim ting

Nicolai Sennels,


Misundelse er en grim ting...:

"Rising inequality is threatening to divide Germany into a land of "haves" and "have nots," researchers warned on Thursday - potentially risking social unrest in the future. ...

The study highlighted a number of factors that have contributed to the increased inequality: a rising numbers of single households, single-parent families, and immigrants with limited education, as well as reductions in the top rate of income tax and the failure of social welfare payments to keep up with inflation. 

Researchers behind the study urged the government not to be complacent about the situation. DIW analysts Martin Gornig and Jan Goebel warned in a statement that "a strong middle class is important for the maintenance of social stability." 

"A growing number of poor people risks the development of ghetto areas," they said."