Et spørgsmål Netanyahu ikke kan svare ja til

Alan Hart svarer Israels ambassadør i USA, Michael B

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Alan Hart svarer Israels ambassadør i USA, Michael B. Oren, som mener, at initiativet nu er på palæstinensisk side, efter Benyamin Netanahu har tilbudt at fastfryse bosættelser på Vestbredden. Alan Hart: "... let’s assume that Oren does have a point. How then should the Palestinians respond? My suggestion is this. President Abbas calls a press conference and says something very like the following. “I am now ready, without preconditions, to sit down and talk with Prime Minister Netanyahu. But I am giving notice of the one question I will ask and to which only a “Yes” or “No” answer is required. The question is this. Prime Minister, in exchange for peace with the whole Arab and wider Muslim world, is your government prepared to withdraw from all Arab land occupied in 1967, including East Jerusalem but on the understanding that if all the parties agreed, it would remain an undivided city and the capital of two states?”