Editorial: Panorama – Addicted To Games?

Reaktion på BBC's udsendelse Panorama om Computerspils afhængighed

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Reaktion på BBC's udsendelse Panorama om Computerspils afhængighed. Artiklen gennemgår nogle af de uvidenskabelige metoder der ofte præger moderne journalistik. Desværre er programmet ikke tilgængelig i Danmark, men artiklen i sig selv er stadig interessant.

Both have stopped playing the games to which they were so seriously addicted. Both were filmed playing the games that had so harmed them. Joe played Call Of Duty on his 360 for the cameras, while Leo ran around the worlds of Warcraft. Which, if the dangers this programme warns about are real, is the direct equivalent of producing a documentary about alcoholism in which the participants are asked to get drunk for the audience at home. Once more, it’s a clear lack of seriousness, and complete disdain for its subjects.