Debunked: People Are Walking Past Covered in Blood

Igår offentliggjorde Hnerik Ræder Clausen (Dansk Folkeparti) et indlæg under overskriften "People Are Walking Past Covered in Blood", hvori han på ...

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Igår offentliggjorde Hnerik Ræder Clausen (Dansk Folkeparti) et indlæg under overskriften "People Are Walking Past Covered in Blood", hvori han på baggrund af dhimmi-bloggen GatesOfVienna fremfører den påstand at det britiske politi overfaldt English Defense League under en demonstration i Dudley, Weste Midlands, England.

Hvis man læser EDL's eget forum, så får man andre historier. Dagen var en katastrofe for EDL. Hooligans overfaldt politiet (dokumenteret på YouTube her), sikher blev spyttet på, hindu-templer vandaliseret m.m. En af forumets senior members Scott Lee fortæller:

Travelled down with the guys from all over Yorkshire. We had a full coach. Like a lot of people we ended up at the Harrier where the atmosphere was fantastic and it looked like we had the makings of another fantastic demo. Eventually it was time for those of us who had arrived by coach to get on and then we were escorted into the demo area which is a very large car park in the centre of Dudley.

From what I saw there was initially about 1000, 1500 tops. Everybody got off the coaches and started to make their way to the area where the speeches were later made. Within minutes a number of lads who I believe to be infiltrators and none of who were wearing any EDL gear, broke away from the main crowd and rushed the barriers. Pack mentality then took over and these troublemakers were soon joined by a load of locals and others who I believe to be EDL hangers on as well as a number of EDL.

Barriers started getting pulled down and immediately police were being pelted with all manner of missiles, some of which looked like they could cause serious injury. Stewards did their level best to try and contain the violence but they were seriously outnumbered as the initial violence and the police reaction just sparked more violence.

As soon as the stewards had managed to wrestle back some semblance of order, the protagonists simply moved on to the next barricade and started to pull them down and once again missiles were being thrown. The crowd of troublemakers, now quite sizeable, was moving from one end/side of the demo area to the other and during all of this there I saw and heard a number of lads, who for the most part had Essex or London accents, openly encouraging people to attack the barriers and the police.

Section 14 was put in effect. This would explain why nobody else was allowed in. The trouble flared up VERY quickly and went on for the duration of the demo. From what I understand of section 14 it is designed to prevent people from demonstrating in an area where this is likely to be disorder and there was certainly plenty of that!

The overriding impression for me at least is that we were hijacked by hardcore 'hooligans' hell bent on causing trouble, which they did, lots of it! They were also joined by locals and also by those among us who attend demo's in the hope that violence will flare up so that they can join in, which they most certainly did, in and outside of the demo area.

I like to take pictures and I got myself into just about every part of that demo and saw and heard everything. I took almost 200 photo's of the event with my phone and camera.

I'm worried what this means for us now, yes we were almost certainly hijacked by a hardcore element who had an agenda but the fact remains that a large number of EDL joined in this disorder. There will be consequences folks and we only have ourselves to blame for it. WMP can probably share in some of that blame for the way that they handled things but they are the authority and we are not so you can guess who will get the final say.

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