De omvender sig på stribe - Mona Sahlin og opfinderen af begrebet Islamofobi


Ikke angivet Ikke angivet,


Mona Sahlin, der ellers i årevis har svinet sin egen kultur og land, er mere bekymret, end hun var for et år siden.

Når der er tale om hende, er det store ord!

Også manden, der opfandt begrebet 'Islamophobia', briten Trevor Phillips fortryder:

“We estimated that the Muslim population of the UK would be approaching 2 [million] by 2020. We underestimated by nearly a million. We predicted that the most lethal threat to Muslims would come from racial attacks and social exclusion. We completely failed to foresee the urban conflicts of 2001 that ravaged our northern cities. And of course we didn’t dream of 9/11 and the atrocities in Madrid, Paris, Istanbul, Brussels and London.”

“For a long time, I too thought that Europe’s Muslims would become like previous waves of migrants, gradually abandoning their ancestral ways, wearing their religious and cultural baggage lightly, and gradually blending into Britain’s diverse identity landscape. I should have known better.”