Bardamu’s Bookbag: Don’t Bang Denmark (Anmeldelse af bog om danske kvinder)

En fantastisk anmeldse om danske kvinder

Ikke angivet Ikke angivet,

20. januar 2012

En fantastisk anmeldse om danske kvinder. EN MUST HAVE BOG!

Danish women are the most hypocritical breed of female I have ever encountered. Let me give you an example. In conversations, I would make a comment about how Danish women aren’t feminine or that the state shouldn’t be so eager to take care of drug addicts who have no interest in quitting. I was then scolded for having “expectations” of how people should or shouldn’t act and that I was attributing a person’s faults to his nature instead of his environment. Fair enough—that was their argument and I can respect another person’s opinion.

Then five minutes later, I’d say I was going to Poland. The Danish girl would frown and say, “Why Poland? The people there are ugly. Polish girls are dirty prostitutes.” Really? You justgot on me for generalizing, but you’re doing it five times worse. This happened to me at least a couple times each week.

You’re not allowed to criticize Denmark or their way of life, since you’re just a stupid, possibly fat American, but she can criticize anything she wants while shitting on your opinion at the same time. This angered me to no end, and the fact that Danish women ended up being so wrong about Polish women suggests they hold some jealousy towards them.