A united world

"I have a dream!" great words said by a great man, many years ago

Ikke angivet Ikke angivet,


"I have a dream!" great words said by a great man, many years ago.

Well, I also have a dream, but it is a dream that will take sweat and blood to archieve, and can only be done my all humanity together.

I wish that all people could see that they are not alone in the world, that we need each other and that we have to be there for each other.

It might be a pessimistic view, but as I see the world now, it has become full of egoistic, selfcentered and powerhungry people, whose only objective in life is to have more than others.

I wish that we could live together, in peace and prosperity. In a world where we accept differences, but the differences don't make us less or more. A world where religion is a personal matter, and what you believe is up to you, and others shouldn't look down on you or you look down on others. Being acceptive that you might be wrong, but at least it's your truth so let other people have their truths.

I wish for a world government that is "by the people and for the people", where money is not the issue, but how to improve the world, and save our future. Why would money mean anything if the cheapest solution destroys our world in a few generations. Forget money, because it is only an idea implanted by a few people but accepted by all.

Let us make the cleanest energy, because we deserve it. Let us make green cities where skyscrapers are selfsufficient in energy and are built to last forever, because we deserve it. Let us improve the whole world and think of tomorrow. We can do so much already, but those who hold the power only think cash and how much they can get here and now. There should still be a tomorrow.

Let us as people be satisfied with what we have, because possesions do not create happiness. I believe all should have a place to call home, and personal items. Also that all should have gaming stations and computers and tv and all. But let us not have the greed we now possess. We don't need the newest Iphone or tv or laptop. Yes, the things need to be changed once in a while, because technology becomes better. The corporations are destroying the world. If our smartest people would work on common solutions, we wouldn't need to change things all the time, we wouldn't need a ps3, x-box, wii and so on, because all the greatest technology would be in one machine(sorry for using gamestations to compare, but im a gamer). When it broke, or became outdated a new would be ready for you, because you deserve it. We all deserve it.

New technology should always be built so it can be reused in later technology, so we limit waste.

When people talk work and education, everything should be open for everyone, as long as their skills are good. We should never look down on the gardener or the cleaning personnel, because their work is esssential and worth just as much as any scientist. Our children, the future, should be challenged in their education and never be limited because of social status or wealth. We need to accept that we each have strengths and weaknesses and work and educate ourselves to remove the weaknesses and improve our strengths beyond limits. It doesn't matter if you need more help, because if you get the help you will be better and improve the world that way.

It will take tremendous time to make these changes, probably generations, but the sooner we start the sooner we save the world.

These are only parts of my dream. My blood is the same colour as all yours, because in the end we are the same: One human race.