5. sep. 2014: Putin speaks on a conference about security to Merkel & McCain

(Vladimir Putin exposes the NWO - YouTube) Offentliggjort den 5

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(Vladimir Putin exposes the NWO - YouTube)

Offentliggjort den 5. sep. 2014

Vladimir Putin exposes the New World Order´s true face in a eloquent speech so much in the style of a true statesman.

In an upside down western world at odds with itself, where growth means austerity, freedom means war, debt means wealth, where gold is not money but fiat currency is, where we put liar-politicians on pedestals and dismiss the integrity of rational thinking, where social is private and private is social, where tax havens are - investors´ purse to wealth creation but for everyone else it´s tax avoidance, where we forgive the debt of the rich but persecute the poor for theirs, where we see cuts on the basic provisions for society to see it transfer into defence expenditure and the pockets of the business elite, advocate principles of freedom but increase surveillance on the whole human population, where money dilutes justice and justice concentrates money, where promises are made to tackle fraud while cutting funding to fight fraud.

Putin tells some hard truths that I am sure made some in the audience feel like little children when they know they´ve got egg all over their face.