Fraud with CO2-quotas The former chairman of the United Nations Copenhagen Climate Change summit COP 15, now Denmark’s minister of Energy and Clima...

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Fraud with CO2-quotas

The former chairman of the United Nations Copenhagen Climate Change summit COP 15, now Denmark’s minister of Energy and Climate, Trilateral Commission member Lykke Friis – is being thoroughly investigated for her role in massive fraud with CO2-quotas.  

On august 25th 2011 the Danish chief auditor of state accounts Henrik Otbo has stated in an internal note to Folketingets executive auditors - Statsrevisorerne – that he will now thoroughly investigate the role and responsibilities of Lykke Friis regarding the case – including the question of her misleading the Danish parliament - Folketinget. This statement comes after initial investigations and reports.

The case connects to Bilderberger Connie Hedegaard as well. During 2007-2009 she was responsible for the Danish CO2-quota Registry, which did not demand any identification from new entries to the registry. This practice was outright illegal. Denmark’s CO2-quota Registry became the largest in the world with 1.256 entries attached. After Europol’s investigation the number has been reduced to 30 – the number of valid accounts. According to Europol the fraud amounts to 38 billion Danish kroner equivalent to more than 7 billion US dollars.

The fake accounts were opened primarily from offshore havens, but many ties reaches to Dubai as well. One person had enlisted with an address of a London parking space. Another used the name of a diseased Pakistani poet.

Germany alone has lost almost 1 billion euro due to fraud related to the complicated case, which extends into excessive fraud with VAT – the so-called ‘VAT carrousels’. (In Denmark VAT equals 25% on all goods.) The first indication of CO2-fraud in Denmark was exposed by Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet just 5 days before the climate change summit in December 2009.

The climate ministers

The ties between Trilateralist Lykke Friis and Bilderberger Connie Hedegaard are obvious.  From 1994-1998 Hedegaard worked as a head of the National Danish Broadcasting Corporations Radio News Division. From 1998-2004 she was a host of the corporations newscast Deadline, where she would call in Lykke Friis for live-interviews. Hedegaard would act as an independent journalist, and Friis would be presented as an analyst on EU-matters. Hedegaard would also ask Friis about her interpretations of statements coming from the head of the US Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan. Today this can possibly be characterized as a form of deception, because the newscast had a Bilderberger interviewing a Trilateralist, about claims raised by her own boss and co-founding father of the Trilateral Commission, Alan Greenspan. Something the unsuspecting Danish viewers were not aware of.

During 2008-2009 Bilderberger Connie Hedegaard spent more than one billion kroner on behalf of the Danish taxpayers to promote COP 15 around the world. Lykke Friis was appointed chair of the 2009 climate summit by the Danish government, and took over Connie Hedegaards job as Denmark’s climate minister. As a reward the EU-commission created a brand new position for Connie Hedegaard – “European Commissioner for Climate Action” – a title which she was given only 2 months after COP 15 - the United Nations Copenhagen Climate Change Summit. “With COP 15 - we are attempting to script the New World Order.” Lykke Friis said to the National Danish Broadcasting Corporation in december 2009. And later she went on to state that: “It was the New World Order, who visited Denmark.” 

In ending

Denmark’s minister of climate and promoter of COP 15 Bilderberger Connie Hedegaard got promoted to “European Commissioner for Climate Action” and handed over Denmark’s CO2-quota Registry to COP 15 chairman, Denmark’s new minister of climate, Trilateralist Lykke Friis. They have close ties going back more than a decade, and according to the investigations at hand the Trilateralist has possibly been misleading the Danish parliament in an attempt to cover up for the Bilderberger in relation to the biggest fraud with CO2-quotas the world has yet discovered.